A responsible landlord

Be part of the solution.

We have a long-term perspective and look for social impact property investments which are financially sound and deliver good value for money. We carefully assess each potential purchase and are very selective that any housing project must provide a strong, reliable cash income stream for many years to come, but does not carry with it excessive levels of risk.

The properties must:

  • Be of standard construction
  • Not suffer from material structural damage
  • Have neighbouring properties which are well maintained
  • Be located within well-established neighbourhoods

You can view a selection of our recent projects here.

600,000 empty homes
There is a significant undersupply of housing in the UK yet, according to The Empty Homes Agency, there are over 600,000 empty homes in England, with one third of these homes having been empty for six months or more.

Placing our tenants at the heart of every decision we make

We’re a professional and caring landlord and our investment decisions aren’t solely based on bricks and mortar. They are often led by human factors, with us ensuring that each of our properties is a place where people will feel comfortable and happy.

Each house must be located in an area with:

  • Strong rental demand
  • Good schools
  • Good local infrastructure
  • Good transport links with easy access to bus and train services

Sustainable and affordable

For many years we’ve been working to minimise the impact our houses have on the environment. Our properties have been newly refurbished, to beyond the Government’s ‘Decent Homes Standard’, with affordability and modern living in mind.

We aim to reduce carbon emissions and increase the energy efficiency of each property by installing ‘A’ rated appliances, low energy lighting, loft insulation and condensing boilers with smart meters where possible; we hope these measures will save our tenants money, make significant cuts in energy waste, and collectively make a positive impact on the planet.

We also charge a fair rent, by capping our rents to be amongst the cheapest 30% of the properties available to rent in the local vicinity.

Lower rents and cheaper energy bills means greater affordability, and improved financial security for our tenants.