How Reap compares

There are no hidden fees, just a fixed 7% interest rate to supplement your income.

Reap is significantly different to current insurance or pension linked annuities, it is a financing arrangement which is secured against property and your legal interest is registered at HM Land Registry.

There are no fees, annual charges or legal costs and your income is fixed for first five years at 7% p.a. beyond which you can access your original capital on 90 days notice.

Reap is ideally suited to retirees

Retirement income products can often be both complicated and confusing.

Reap keeps it simple and offers an easy and effective way to obtain a monthly income at a level that enables you to maintain your current lifestyle.

Reap is open to people of all ages, but is particularly ideal for retirees who are looking for sustainable ways to use their pension savings to get the best out of their retirement.

Most annuities lock your money away while providing you with a poor rate of income. We think it’s time someone breathed new life into annuities, and that’s why we’ve built our own with none of the baggage of the past.

Reap is unique; it’s transparent, ethical and an ideal passive income source. You receive a high return on your money and have the option, after the initial period, to access your funds with 90 days notice while also being able to place your annuity into trust for the benefit of your loved ones.

With Reap, for every £1 we receive by way of a Reap loan, we reserve an additional 33 pence of equity which will not be loaned against. This means that on the date of establishment you’re protected to a minimum 133% of your capital.

Why Reap is different to other products on the market

  • Reap is simple, hassle-free and completely transparent
  • Your regular fixed income is generated from rents received
  • The are no middlemen, you are lending directly to the borrower
  • Your Reap can be placed in trust and left to your beneficiaries
  • You will be helping to solve the housing crisis in the UK