How Reap works

Get the best value from your money. Reap makes your money work harder, and smarter, for you.

A ‘Real Estate Annuity Plan’ is a property-based financing arrangement in which you are offered the opportunity to lend money to a social enterprise and to receive a fixed income in return.

Reap is a loan secured against property, where you are the lender and we are the borrower. It’s an excellent source of income, as you can earn 7% p.a. and your income is paid every month. With Reap you know how your money will grow and precisely what you’ll receive at the end.

You can enter into a Reap contract by yourself or with others. All monies will be combined to form one loan secured against a single property up to a maximum of 75% of its value.

Reap is easy to set up

  1. Decide how much income you’d like to receive
  2. Print and complete a Reap application form or we can mail you a copy, if required
  3. We will send to you an Offer
  4. You will forward funds to the Security Trustee

See how much income your money could earn

Monthly Income Annual Income Reap Loan
£100 £1,200 £17,143
£200 £2,400 £34,286
£300 £3,600 £51,429
£400 £4,800 £68,571
£500 £6,000 £85,714
£600 £7,200 £102,857
£700 £8,400 £120,000
£800 £9,600 £137,143
£900 £10,800 £154,285
£1,000 £12,000 £171,429

Peace of mind

We want what is best for both parties, both now and in the future.

Shortly after we receive your money a Security Trustee will send you a cancellation notice which provides you with a 14 day cooling-off period in which to change your mind. If you decide to cancel we will return your funds without interest or delay.

Each Reap transaction is secured on property, so it is not suited for individuals who plan to withdraw their money within 5 years. However, after the initial five year period, you can choose to continue or cancel the funding with a 90 day notice period.

Unlike traditional annuities 100% of your funds will be returned to you.