What’s Reap?

A ‘Real Estate Annuity Plan’ is a secure property-based financing arrangement in which individuals can lend their money to a social enterprise and receive a fixed income in return.

Reap is a loan secured against property, where you are the lender and we are the borrower. It is an excellent source of income as you will earn 7% p.a. and will be paid every month.

Reap is:

  • Truly ethical lending
  • An excellent source of monthly fixed income
  • Private and secure
  • Simple and fee-free, there are no fees
  • Transparent, with a tangible asset as security
  • Unlike typical annuities, with Reap 100% of your money is returned to you
Reap is ideal for people who are looking for a socially responsible investment
We’re a professional and caring landlord, and we try to ensure that each of our properties is a place where people will feel comfortable and happy.

Who will Reap benefit?

Reap can benefit long term investors requiring income. Whether you are young or old, it offers an efficient way to make your money work harder for you.

People are now looking for the freedom to use their money in a way that best suits their individual needs and moral outlook. They want value for money, fairness and transparency, and an organisation which acts in the best interests of all parties involved.

Lending money to a social enterprise gives you an opportunity to see your money in action and allows you to access a fair return on your money.