Irvin’s Reap story

Irvin was introduced to Reap in 2015 having read about Equfund in an article in The Guardian newspaper and was attracted to the security that Reap offers.

Irvin holding a framed cheque
A cheque for 1p which Irvin keeps this to remind himself of past hard times.

Having a little accountancy knowledge from his early adult life, Irvin regards himself as financially savvy and takes a keen interest in the financial markets and the wider UK economy.

All investors require two things. Firstly a fair rate of interest, and secondly, knowing that their investment is safe. Both these are always available with Equfund.

Having enjoyed success in his own businesses, including a printing company and a number of hotels, Irvin is now retired and spends his spare time helping teach refugees English to help them secure housing and employment.

With Reap you have the satisfaction in knowing that your funds are being invested in a highly desirable cause. My own history will explain why I am delighted with Reap and with Equfund. I was brought up in a slum back-to-back terrace house. There was no bath, no hot water and the outside toilet was shared with three neighbours. Every winter the toilet froze. Equfund provides good quality housing for the most needy, which gives me a further reason to invest.

Irvin is now retired and spends his spare time helping teach refugees English.

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