The ethical alternative to buy-to-let, brought to you by Equfund

Interest rate 3%
Investment income £0
Total return £0

Invest more to earn a higher interest rate: £15,000– £24,999 (3%); £25,000– £49,999 (4%); £50,000+ (5%)

Reap Plus

Available soon

For the first 24 months of a 5 year Reap agreement, you can earn 7% p.a. by entering into the Reap Plus enhanced income fund

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What's Reap?

Reap is a simple and secure way to receive a fixed income from property by lending your money to a social enterprise.

What's Reap?

How Reap compares

There are no hidden fees or jargon, just a fair interest rate to grow your savings.

How Reap compares

An ethical investment

A socially responsible investment approach.

An ethical investment

A responsible landlord

Reap makes a positive impact by investing in communities and generating income while helping others.

A responsible landlord

Up to 5% return for our investors, fair rents for our tenants

Why choose Reap?

Reap is a sustainable and ethical method to receive a stable monthly income from property and provides an affordable accommodation to people who need it most.

  • £15,000– £24,999 investment: 3%
  • £25,000– £49,999 investment: 4%
  • £50,000+ investment: 5%

Earn up to a predictable 5% return from property, with none of buy-to-let’s headaches and uncertainties.

Reap is ideal for people who

  1. Invest in line with their values
  2. Need a low barrier to entry and a definite exit route
  3. Want none of the headaches associated with buy-to-let
  4. Like the security of investing in property
  5. Want a fair and predictable source of monthly income

“I visited the properties—Beautiful. You or I would be proud to own such a house. Simple, clean, smart, well laid out, sensible strong fitments.”

—Mr Ruper Chichester, England

“I’m proud to support what’s being done by this dedicated and knowledgeable team of people.”

—Mrs Joy Minchinhampton, England

“I remain pleasantly surprised at how nice and easy the whole process was and wish all finance products were so well thought out.”

—Mrs Evans Isle of Skye, Scotland

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