Mrs Browns Reap Story

Mrs. Brown first read about Equfund in an advertisement in the 'Big Issue' way back in 2011. She realised I realised Reap was somewhere she could invest the balance of her inheritance which would give a good financial return and provide housing to those who need it.

Investing in housing—as Equfund does—is an excellent way of improving the quality of life for so many people.

Her husband was initially nervous of such a venture so they decided to have Equfund “checked out” by the local solicitor. He could not find anything wrong with Equfund, or the investment, so they decided to go ahead. She says:

I have been so happy with all my dealings with members of the Equfund team. Everything has been well explained and I’ve not needed to invest in any other area.

She goes on:

I really feel that investing in Housing as Equfund does is an excellent way of improving the quality of life for so many people. I have visited Liverpool and seen the work the building teams do, creating affordable housing from uninhabitable and derelict buildings, thus relieving a part of the housing shortage.

In investing money with Equfund I feel I am contributing to the property sector in a more efficient way than just being a ‘landlord' and Equfund is on the spot, seeing what is needed and is able to channel my money and put it to the best use. Along with getting a regular income from my investment I have also created life long friends and that is such a wonderful, tangible bonus.

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