Reap is an ethical investment

Since 1852, Mutual Societies such as ours have been run for the benefit of the community, with any profit surplus being used to provide better services and facilities.

We believe that a decent, affordable home is central to family life. It’s the place where you can bring up a family, put down roots, feel safe and thrive. We understand that it is important to have people’s best interests at heart, with simplicity, a clear purpose and strong ethical values being at the centre of every decision we make.

We offer good housing at an affordable price, while providing our lenders with a fair rate of return. In essence: a better deal for everyone. A socially responsible approach.

A simple approach with a clear purpose

Our properties are often let to people who are in receipt of Local Housing Allowance or Universal Credit. Many landlords choose to avoid these type of tenants due to the negative connotations that they have. We don’t discriminate against people in receipt of housing benefits. We assist LHA tenants with the paperwork required in order to claim their correct allowances and submit this to the local council on their behalf. Additionally, in order to afford some extra protection in this regard, we generally request that a friend or relative of the tenant acts as guarantor in the event that the tenant defaults in paying their rent.

We believe that offering a decent and affordable home for a fair price can benefit all parties involved; investing in good quality properties, situated in vibrant communities, can generate consistent and strong returns and provide excellent social dividends.

How Reap Compares

There are no hidden fees or jargon, just a high interest rate to grow your savings.

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A responsible landlord

Reap makes a positive impact by investing in communities and generating income while helping others.

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